Recent Research Topics

My research, creative work, and teaching in music, media art, and creative technology is focused in the areas of sound art, electroacoustic music, interactive systems, creative coding, immersive environments, installation, improvisation, and soundscape. I work to position and balance myself as both a contributor to current research within these topics and a creative practitioner.

My primary project, since 2011, has been The Sonic Spaces Project. Within this project, I have been addressing questions, such as; how to compose sonic ecosystems, what constitutes a sonic ecosystem, how can believable computer agency be attained, and what are the aesthetic and ethical questions of interactive sonic ecosystems. Thus far, this project has resulted in the publication of a four peer-reviewed conference papers, and an ‘in-press’ journal article.

Additionally, my research has started to investigate the aesthetics and philosophy of music technology. This has resulted in another ‘in-press’ article discussing “What is Music Technology?”, due out late this year. I am also currently working on a manuscript examining the ethical role of the media artist in relation to soundscape ecology and the Internet-of-Things (IoT).


Practice-Led Research Identifying The Composition Techniques of Sonic Ecosystems

Sonic ecosystems, as practiced in The Sonic Spaces Project, have not been extensively documented or researched. This project addresses the lack of knowledge and literature by documenting the techniques, tools, and principles of sonic ecosystems through a larger framework of practice-led research, research-led practice. Within this research method tools and techniques from iterative design research and reflective practice are used.

Additionally, the emerging fields of cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things both offer applications, in terms of theory and technology, towards the further development of sonic ecosystems and more broadly interactive music systems. As with the lack of specific information and techniques with regards to sonic ecosystems, little has been done to address the possibilities for future development or to codify techniques for assessing and appropriating these technological advancements for sonic ecosystems.


  • Media Arts
  • Electroacoustic Music
  • Interactive Performance Systems
  • Sonic Ecosystems
  • Aesthetics of Interactivity and Installations
  • Soundscape Studies
  • Creative Improvisation
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality Installations
  • Creative Coding

Research Projects

The Sonic Spaces Project



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