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I Hear NY4D: Hybrid Acoustic and Augmented Auditory Display for Urban Soundscapes

ConferenceImmersive Audio
Braxton Boren, Michael Musick, Jennifer Grossman, Agnieszka Roginska
Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD2014), June 22-25, 2014, New York, NY.
Publication year: 2014

I Hear NY3D: an ambisonic installation reproducing NYC soundscapes

ConferenceImmersive Audio
Michael Musick, Areti Andreopoulou, Braxton Boren, Hariharan Mohanraj, and Agnieszka Roginska
135th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention. New York, NY, USA: 2013.
Publication year: 2013

I Hear NY3D: Ambisonic Capture and Reproduction of an Urban Sound Environment

ConferenceImmersive Audio
Braxton Boren, Areti Andreopoulou, Michael Musick, Hariharan Mohanraj, Agnieszka Roginska
Audio Engineering Society Conference: Convention 135 (2013)
Publication year: 2013