Michael Musick
Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Degree of Master of Arts, Media Arts. School of Music, Theatre & Dance - University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Publication year: 2012


The Sonic Space Project is a series of interactive performance systems that I composed over the past year. These systems can specifically be classified as dynamical interactive sonic performance ecosystems. These pieces primarily in the sonic realm and consider the sonic space of a room in which they are installed as the interface. This thesis paper discusses specifics of interactive music systems, looks at works of similar artists, and looks at works that have inspired the composition of these systems. This paper will then look specifically at my Sonic Space No. 2, Sonic Space No. 3, and Sonic Space No. 4. I will discuss how I conceived of this project and what goals I had from the outset. Then I will discuss how I went about composing, creating, and performing with each successive system. The culmination of this creative work was presented during a forty-minute concert of Sonic Space No. 4. Therefore, specifics of that performance will be considered in detail. Finally I examine the effectiveness of each system and present future work I plan to complete as this project continues.


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