Michael Musick
40th International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) and 11th Sound and Music Computing (SMC) Conference. Athens, Greece: N.p., 2014. 154–161.
Publication year: 2014


This paper presents two possible approaches used in analyzing electroacoustic music works as applied to a special type of interactive performance system: the dynamical sonic ecosystem, which can be considered ‘ecosystemic’. These theories of analysis are then examined in relation to Matthew Brown’s ‘six criterion for evaluating theories’ and their usefulness for analysis, in regards to their ability to qualify a work as ecosystemic. Although both approaches are shown to have merit in their ability to increase understanding of a particular work, only the technique that analyzes the process of composing interactions is found to be capable of the necessary requirements needed to work towards building a theory of ecosystemics, in the same way that there exists a theory of tonality.

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