Sensing Urban Spaces

Principal Investigator: Tae Hong Park

Citygram is an interactive environmental-sensing project, that focuses on capturing, mapping, and exploring invisible environmental energies that turn spaces into places.

My involvement

I have been involved with the Citygram project since 2012. During that time I have worked on the developing portions of the Remote Sensing Devices (RSDs), database, visualizer, website, and data API.

This is a very exciting project examine that aims to measure sound data of urban environments in ways not previously capable. Please see below for more information on my role in this project, or visit the Citygram site for more general info.

  • Citygram Demo Video

    A video overview of the Citygram project

  • Visualizer

    Check out the Citygram visualizer

    The Citygram visualizer is a way of displaying real-time or historical sound data. This allows visitors to get a sense of how locations around a city relate to each other.


  • Software Tools and Datasets

    One of the more substantial sub-projects I worked on with Citygram was the development of SuperCollider classes to facilitate contributing sound data, and/or receiving data for external users.

    These SuperCollider classes are available through the Citygram website and provide detailed instructions on how to become a contributor or how to use the data for creative/analytical purposes.

    In addition to the SuperCollider classes, that page also contains information for the lower-level cURL-based API I developed for Citygram.

    Finally, that page contains links to packaged datasets collected throughout the city at various times.

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